INTERVIEW // Helene of Fashion Over Reason

INTERVIEW // Helene of Fashion Over Reason

“Ultimately I’m looking to inspire people. Whether someone visits Fashion Over Reason, looks at my Instagram feed, or skims my Pinterest page, I want them to leave inspired and feeling like they’ve just been fed aesthetically.” – Helene Heath



Helene Heath is an NYC based stylist and creator of Fashion Over Reason, an impeccably curated style blog with an aim to inspire others. What started out as a creative outlet, ultimately led to a full-time gig where she now shares her unfussy and chic, boy meets girl, and a little rock and roll personal style and inspiration on a regular basis. We were humbled by her post, “The Perfect Boyfriend“, and how “the possibilities are endless” with Refind Denim’s boyfriend jeans, so we picked her brain a bit and she shared her story with us…

Q: What inspired you to create Fashion Over Reason?

A: I started FOR in 2007 when blogs were a virtually unknown medium. I did it for a few reasons: I needed a hobby and I wanted a creative outlet, which stemmed from my desire to satiate my fashion nerdism and share it with whoever was willing to listen. A tech-savvy friend of mine had one and somehow inspired me to think that I could do it too. I figured it would also eventually make me look appealing and proactive to future potential employers. It was a hobby until last summer, when I decided to take it full time.

Q: What is the objective of your work?

A: Ultimately I’m looking to inspire people. Whether someone visits Fashion Over Reason, looks at my Instagram feed, or skims my Pinterest page, I want them to leave inspired and feeling like they’ve just been fed aesthetically. I also hope to help out some people who think that fashion or personal style can be a bit intimidating or scary. Maybe by looking at my blog and reading my tips, they might think, “oh that’s not so hard, I can do that too.” Fashion is fun and not that serious, but it’s important nonetheless — that’s what I want my readers to know! That is also why I decided to get into personal styling with Keaton Row and for men with Dash Hudson.

Q: How has it influenced you?

A: Over the years, doing the blog has been instrumental in developing my eye and sense of aesthetic. I’ve sharpened my point of view through blogging, which has given me more confidence in my choices. I am also very picky about what I post, the visuals I use, the tone I have. My voice is probably the thing that has been most influenced: I feel like it’s cheeky, approachable and relatable, but it took some hone in on it. But as a blogger, you have to have a certain aspirational quality as well!

Q: Who is your ideal reader/audience?

A: Honestly, everyone is welcome. Ultimately, I do have a target, which is young adult women who have an interest in fashion, but I always bear in mind that anyone could read my blog posts and take away something from them, whether it’s a styling or beauty tip, or perhaps a photo that spoke to someone. Maybe I introduced a reader to a brand they had never heard of, kept them abreast of trends, or made them fall in love with an item that they just had to have.

Q: What collaborations are you looking forward to?

A: I am always on the look out for new and exciting projects, but I can’t reveal anything yet! I’m certainly looking forward to more collaborations with Refind Denim, that’s for sure! I am a writer at heart and I am also excited about doing more freelance writing if I have time.

Q: What do you see yourself wearing for this Spring/Summer?

A: Oh, great question — I LOVE stocking up on new items when the seasons change. This summer you’ll be spotting me a lot in boyfriend shorts (wink!), silk camisoles, head to toe white, easy summer dresses, Manolo Blahnik black lace pumps (I’m obsessed), my Nina Ricci mules for night and Birkenstocks for the daytime. Can you tell I’m into shoes?


Guess we’ll be seeing Helene again soon ;).





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