Denim’s Advocate

Denim’s Advocate

Captured by the talented Conan Thai, Chelsea Wichmann plays Denim’s Advocate in this shoot. Wichmann can work an outfit as effortlessly as she can work a camera. The ability to communicate through wardrobe and images takes a creative team who understand each other’s vision and although the outcome is paramount, what really resonates is the experience and journey to get there.


Wichmann is wearing Refind Denim’s Breakup Boyfriend Shorts

CT-ROSEYT-SHOT3-062 CT-ROSEYT-SHOT4-076 CT-ROSEYT-SHOT4-088Wichmann is wearing Refind Denim’s Hookup Cutoff Shorts

Wichmann is wearing Refind Denim’s Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

Rose Tran, our editorial director, and Conan Thai share an innate desire to tell stories through imagery, so working collaboratively helps them bring this denim story to life, merging fantasy with reality.


Photographer l Conan Thai 

Model l Chelsea Wichmann

Stylist l Rose Tran

Stylist Assistant l Ginvera Valente

Hair l Chiala Marvici

Makeup l  Margina Dennis for Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

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