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STYLE SPOTLIGHT // Elle Kaw Chronicles

STYLE SPOTLIGHT // Elle Kaw Chronicles

“I’ve always been a t-shirt and jeans girl…invest in great simple pieces that will last for years.” -Lindsey Kawamura

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Elle Kaw Chronicles is a carefully curated and aesthetically inspiring style blog created by Lindsey Kawamura. Her love for fashion, art and design ultimately led her to leave her life as an accountant to pursue a more creative field. With her go-getter mentality, we weren’t surprised to hear that moving to NY was also one of the best decisions she’s ever made. We admire her fearless attitude and eye for style so we did a short Q and A to learn a little more about her…

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Denim in Distress


What else can be worn by Presidents, construction workers, models and soccer moms?

Denim is known to be the perfect medium for self-expression. Timelessly cool, comfortable and functional, all while complimenting you and your journey. There’s an element of authenticity that each style, rip and tear embodies. Which one tells your story?

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SHOP THE SHOOT // Refind Denim


MODELS / Doa and Julia

MAKEUP / Megan Malone

STYLIST / Rose Tran